Sampaloc Cove (Outreach Program w/ Lighthouse Legacy Foundation)

2016 in a nutshell.

When I made a career pivot early 2015, I decided to come up with a reverse bucket list. Flexibility in work hours and locations gave me the chance to experience new things and it got crazier as new opportunities got thrown my way left and right this year.

New cars I wouldn't even think of riding sometimes got me in the driver's seat for Opus Macchina. New destinations were discovered for both Opus Macchina and Get Lost. Relationships were forged with the most unlikely of people (for me anyway).

Bumbungan Eco Park (August 2016)

Bumbungan Eco Park (August 2016)

And the best part about it is I got to share a lot of these firsts with my family. I may work longer hours now but having my family (even kids) be part of it for the most part is a big plus to the equation. 


And so, as we end 2016, I'd like to share with you a few realizations (or reminders) that hit me while I watched my child asleep in her dad's arms on the boat from a recent trip to Sampaloc Cove.

Lake Caliraya (August 2016)

That I am braver than I think I am. I think the non-swimmer Aquarian me would agree after these last few water experiences. That in a lot of situations, saying YES is way better than saying NO. Even if it sometimes gets me into trouble. Even if sometimes I don't feel up to it. And even if it scares the sh*t out of me. 

La Union  (April 2016)

La Union (April 2016)

Cebu  (October 2016)

Cebu (October 2016)

That ended relationships can be blessings in disguise because it opens you up to new people and better experiences. 

Pampanga  (February 2016)

Pampanga (February 2016)

Subic Bay  (December 2016)

Subic Bay (December 2016)

That for every low, there's a high. The year went by with a lot of hiccups but we're still standing. And every time we met a big curve, we were pulled back in the right direction with another big project, another wild idea, another opportunity --such as the one given to us by The Lighthouse Marina Resort Legacy Foundation. They promote and advocate cleanliness of our shorelines while helping out the people in their community. 

Leave no trace.

There are several beautiful coves in Zambales, Sampaloc Cove being one of them. Since it's quite accessible from Manila, the more popular coves like Nagsasa and Anawangin have encountered waste management issues and the foundation of Lighthouse aims to educate people on proper outdoor ethics and sustainable living.

We were fortunate enough to be invited to the foundation's yearly tradition of spreading Christmas cheer to the indigenous tribe living in Sampaloc Cove. Gift giving and sharing a simple meal together was part of the program. Of course, it was also a chance to remind the community about proper waste disposal. 

You know that it has been an awesome day when you lose track of time. When you stop filming and just lose yourself in the moment. When you fall during the middle of the hike but you pick yourself up right away to get to the beautiful destination promised at the end of the walk. Nicks, scratches and insect bites are just minor trade offs in exchange for what's to come.

When you don’t care about ripping your favorite denim shorts because you want to slide down the rocks with your kid and when you trust complete strangers at the end of the slope to catch you because you can’t swim. And when you realize that you are blessed with so much more than what you deserve.

Even if Erin is not quite fluent in Filipino, she still wanted to join the games with the kids from the local community. 

He approached me while I was taking videos of the festivities and asked if I could take his photo. I was more than happy to do so while he was being teased by his friends about pretending to be a local actor, Robin Padilla.

We try to bring the kids with us whenever we can even if it's for work. I'm glad that they were part of this outreach program and were able to see how other people live and learn what they themselves can do to contribute to the advocacy of The Lighthouse Marina Resort Legacy Foundation.

Beautiful Christmas decors made from recycled materials such as water bottles and rubber slippers were brought to Sampaloc Cove.

Thank you so much to The Lighthouse Marina Resort Legacy Foundation for ending our year with another set of firsts. We'd also like to extend our sincerest appreciation to Toyota Motor Philippines and Mazda Philippines for providing the cars for this trip! Check out our journal entry about the Toyota 86 on Opus Macchina (Mazda SkyActiv R entry coming soon).

For this particular road trip, I got to drive the 2017 Toyota 86 AT with the girls while my husband Miguel got to drive the 2017 Mazda3 2.0L SkyActiv R with GVC along with the New Media Factory crew. And we all got to stay at our favorite Subic hotel, The Lighthouse Marina Resort.

(L-R) Erin Olfindo, Talia Olfindo and Kaye Olfindo

(L-R) Miguel Olfindo, Homer Sabaot and Yves Angeles

TIME TO TURN off the hustle button for a couple of days to enjoy the company of friends and family. See you all with a bigger and better Get Lost in 2017! HAPPY HOLIDAYS! 

Workaholic and multitasking momma who absolutely enjoys what she does as Executive Producer for OTT.  Has faulty memory so taking photos of almost everything is part of her everyday life.