Bumbungan Eco Park

According to folklore, the falls in Laguna, Philippines were brought about by the grief of a man called Magdapio. When his brother Balubad died due to famine brought about by drought, the angry Magdapio cursed the gods and hurled his cane on the rocks. A spring bubbled and as it grew bigger, roaring water burst out and eventually became the Magdapio Falls or what we commonly know as the Pagsanjan Falls.

We came across Bumbungan Eco Park while looking for another place to visit after our short adventure in Lake Caliraya. The water at the park flows from Pagsanjan Falls and the park was established where the river was dammed near the town center of Cavinti. Waze led us to this area and we had a blast with the kids just running around and getting themselves wet.

This small park serves as a stopover for those going on hikes as well as those going to or coming from Pagsanjan Falls. You can also have a picnic, take a dip or just sit and appreciate the beautiful view. I opted to take photos and videos. 

We weren't able to stay long as we had to head back to Manila before it got dark. We'll make sure to do this though the next time we're in the area!

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