Manila Street Food Challenge

We tasked our interns and Film majors, Mark and Tricia, to exercise their filming and editing skills through a street food challenge: How much street food can one have (transportation included) with just a 200Php (About 4USD) budget? Here's what they came up with.

How I miss street food!

This got me nostalgic about my college days. You'd normally find multiple street food vendors right outside universities and colleges where students just need a cheap quick snack to get by and get back to their immeasurable amount of work.  Fishballs, Kwek Kwek (quail eggs coated in orange flour batter) and Gulaman (gelatin made of dried seaweed, brown sugar and panda-flavored juice) are staples. 

Though I consider myself as an adventurous eater, I've never ever tried Betamax (coagulated pork or chicken blood sliced into rectangular blocks). For the life of me, I just can't get myself to pick a stick of it up.

If anything, one thing can be said based on these videos - whether you find yourself up north in Quezon City or down south in Sucat, one can surely fill their tummy throughout the day with just 200Php (and even keep some change to survive for another day!). 

Great job and thanks for showing us around, Mark and Tricia! Cheers!