Thailand: Bangkok to Chiang Mai

Thailand: Bangkok to Chiang Mai

Join Miguel and I as we explore Northern Thailand! 

This was unlike any other tour that we've experienced before because we got to experience Thailand like a local most of the time -- from the awesome food (I think I upped my spice tolerance after this trip thanks to all the chili and curry), the mode of transportation (bikes and public transport such as tuktuks and buses), and even the accommodations (we got to stay in a local's house in Chiang Mai with no air conditioner, no TV, no wifi and a 10pm curfew).

But we also got to experience the usual tourist spots such as the lovely Le Charme resort in Sukothai and Khao San Rd. in Bangkok. Of course, a Thailand trip won't be complete without checking out the temples!

Watch out for part 2 where we invade a lady boy bar, enroll in a cooking school and so much more!

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