Thailand: Chiang Mai

Join Miguel and I as we explore Northern Thailand! 

This was unlike any other tour that we've experienced before because we got to experience Thailand like a local most of the time -- from the awesome food (I think I upped my spice tolerance after this trip thanks to all the chili and curry), the mode of transportation (bikes and public transport such as tuktuks and buses), and even the accommodations (we took a sleeper train from Chiang Mai to Bangkok which took us about 12 hours).

One of the highlights of the trip for me was getting around the area using a bike. From our homestay, we rode our bikes to the market, to a mushroom farm, to another local’s house, while enjoying the beautiful scenery on the way to each destination. I actually surprised myself by getting through this without complaining about the heat! 

We also enjoyed the cooking classes at Baan Thai Cookery School. We’ve been cooking Thai food often ever since we got back from our trip and Miguel even guested on one episode of Live Love LOLz to teach the host how to make green curry from scratch!

Of course, what’s a trip to Thailand without injecting a little bit of debauchery? We all enjoyed our visit to a lady boy bar! I think our male tour mates enjoyed it the most. Haha!

If haven’t yet, please watch part 1 of our Northern Thailand adventure as we visited temples, ate bugs, and more!

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