Pinto Art Museum

I've been wanting to visit Pinto Art Museum for the longest time but never got around to scheduling a trip until just recently thanks to the hubby! He said he'll take me out on my birthday and this was part of what he had planned for the day. 

This place is perfect for photo shoots because every inch of this space is absolutely gorgeous. The reviews are right, every spot is really Instagram-worthy! It's also perfect for events such as weddings because of their wide open spaces -- no need to decorate much because the venue is really beautiful as it is.


  1. I dressed in gym clothes because we were going on a hike after visiting this museum (more about that hike here). If you're the type who prefers to have your photos taken with the scenery, then DON'T be like me. Wear something fancier than gym clothes to make the photo nicer. The next time I go here I'm going to wear a dress!

  2. If you can, set aside at least half a day just for this trip. They have a lot of areas where you can just lounge and chat with whoever you're with. Or, if you're alone, there are a lot of nooks perfect for reading or working.

  3. Bring extra batteries and memory for your cameras. For sure you'll be taking loads of photos.

  4. Play hooky on a weekday and don't go to school or work. We went on a Wednesday and we saw only three other groups exploring the area. That's about 20 visitors (including us) at that time.

Everyone should thank Dr. Joven Cuanang for opening his family's personal sanctuary to the public!

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